Tips to get Anawangin tour package for less!

Here in Love Ko Anawangin, we value your money. We know how hard each cent is earned thus should be exchanged with something equal or even greater than its value.

Here are some of not so fancy tips on how you can maximize your money, time, and clifford bustillo at anawangin river - lovekoanawangin.wordpress.cominternet in getting Anawangin tour package for less.

  1. Find a friend who can treat you. There’s no harm in trying. If they agree whether a half or full expense then be grateful. It can be a ride, food, lodging, or voucher treat and so on and so forth. This is very easy but you don’t have to sound very pity. Just tell her or him that you really loved the place and you just want to experience and want to see the beauty of Anawangin Cove. This is perfect for couples out there. Explain the beauty of the place and how you longed for it, good for you if that person has been there already.
  2. Form a group. Invite your friends and or form a minimum of 10 persons and you will be amazed how nice this strategy is. Instead of going there in a group of five or less, organize a bigger group and you will see the difference. To those who have done like this know what I am talking about. The more, the merrier! After organizing your group, rent a van, and share all the expenses within the entire group, equally divided.  In that way you can save or perhaps use your funds to some other things like buying souvenirs or pasalubong.
  3. Share your food specialty for a number of people.  This can be in exchange of all of your expense or partial depending on how much food can be consumed/used by them. But make sure it’s a kind of food that is not easily spoiled (can’t think of any aside from Adobo, hehehe) since you have to consider your travel from your place to Anawangin and your stay. It doesn’t really matter if it looks like expensive or not as long as it can sustain our body’s need. It’s your choice as well whether you will bring a finished product or you will have to cook it there.
  4. Ask some of your friends or office mates who have been in the place (maybe, they are not your true friends, because they left you during that time, kidding!). This will help you determine the cheapest package among that them (but be mindful of the packages/coverage). Not only that, it will give you an idea what to do since they will give you some advice from their experience. This is also a great chance for referrals since they’ve been in contact already. It relieves your doubts and helps you pay attention to other important things so you can enjoy your stay.
  5. Ask Google and use Social Media. If Google doesn’t know it, then it’s a problem. However, be careful as to whom you are dealing with. Decline if it’s good to be true. There are many advertisements in known sites like, Metrodeal and the like but then again you have to pay extra vigilance. This is why I prefer you visiting main sites or blogs because there is much effort in building them unlike on advertisements. Also, I know few people who don’t have Facebook account. You can learn and contact a lot of people through this social media. Find a fan page or twitter and compare their contents (not just the package alone) and how professional their presentation is.

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I hope that in this simple way you have learned how to get Anawangin package for less. This is not done in hierarchy or in order of importance. Whatever your strategy maybe, we’re sure your effort is worth it.

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About Lovekoanawangin

We simply started blogging anawangin after visiting it aiming to boost its tourism and other nearby sites. Then BOOM! We're now coordinating various getaways in Luzon.
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