How to go to Hundred Islands?

Hi there! Clifford here!

It has been an exciting and safe journey to go to Hundred Islands. You can either ride in Five Star Bus line or Victory Liner which would take around 5-6 hours from Manila since alaminos city mapthe distance from Manila to Lucap Wharf is between 240-250 kilometers. In our case we rode on a Victory Liner at Cubao station for only Php393.00/head. Of which we hit their last trip at 11:50pm for us to arrive at Alaminos not so early. Our son Isle who is just 1 year old had a free ride. I’m not really sure up to what age children are free but I’m sure the price would be reasonable just in case.

You can view the PDF file we have of Victory Liners daily schedule, addresses and contact detail by clicking the next phrase, Victory Liner or by simply going to their website. 

Upon arrival we were approached by some trike drivers offering their service but I told them I already have one. My partner will personally pick us up from Alaminos to Lucap and even guide us at hundred islands with his boat. Same goes with anyone of you unless of course you took our van service. Going back, an specially ride (one way) going to lucap is Php100.00.

Hope this post was able to help you guys. Oh by the way the latest time or tour of Victory Liner from Alaminos  to Manila is 7pm while Five Star is 24 hours.

Via Private Vehicle:

Take the North Luzon Expressway and then the SCTEX all the way to the Luisita exit (not Tarlac City). Turn left to Camiling at the junction before Tarlac City proper.Follow this National Road to Pangasinan of which you will pass thru the towns of Mangatarem and Lingayen. Before you hit alaminos, you will pass by the beautiful coastal towns of Labrador and Sual from Lingayen. In Alaminos, go to the cathedral where the road to the Hundred Islands is just fronting the church itself.

 Learn more about hundred islands here!

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