Must Join SubicFitFest Free Fitness Weekends Here In Manila!

Must Join SubicFitFest Free Fitness Weekends Here In Manila

Want to experience fitness activities that will bring benefits to your own body? If you do and I’d say you must. Then this would be the perfect day to decide. Because Subic Subic Fitness FestFitness Festival reaches out to bloggers here in Metro Manila to 24 fitness disciplines that helps revitalize your mental, physical and spiritual aspect.

Said to be the biggest fitness event of the year, Subic Fitness Festival, is happening on November 15, 16, and 17, 2013 at Subic Free Port Zone – Harbor Point, Camayan Beach and Ocean Adventure – starts its journey to Subic with free fitness sessions in Manila, all weekends of September and October.

I’m glad that I’ve been part of the Kick off at the FTX gym along Tordesillas St., Makati, yesterday together with fellow bloggers.

Here’s the schedule for the 1st week of September (other schedules will follow).

Sept 6 – Circuit Warz 

Sept 7 – Urban Street Dance

Sept 8 – Meta Coaching

Let me share then my experience of this Circuit Warz. Please note that Circuit Warz has four categories and I intend to share only the 1st event in this post and will further share the rest of the activity soon.

Clifford with Reijo Maranan del Prado

With Reijo Maranan del Prado At FTX GYM

Moving forward, we were lead by 2008 Mr. Philippines title holder Reijo Maranan del Prado for this activity which by the way open to individuals and circuit teams alike, featuring speed-repetition, speed-endurance and power-weight exercises. Too bad I have a back surgery hence I only participated only one activity (Endurance Challenge – Battling Rope Wave Time-Out), hehehehehe, and aside from cheering my fellow bloggers (piece of cake).

1st, Gladiators Battle – The Fastest Lap Finish. The activities are as follows.

  1. 200m Sprint
  2. 10 Gladiator Combo (5-push-ups, 10 mountain climbers, 1 pike jump)
  3. 20 Lockout Pull-ups
  4. 10 Box Jumps
  5. 100m Sprint 35kg Sandbag Transfer
  6. Linear Hop Agility Ladder
  7. Lateral Hop Hurdles

The idea of this challenge is to complete the said activities the soonest possible time without error otherwise a penalty will be raised or the repetition will not be counted. Our head blogger team, Omar, finished this at roughly 10 minutes while Marco is at roughly 7 minutes. As much as I wanted to join but the 100m Sprint 35kg Sandbag Transfer is not advisable by Coach Reijo. Good news is I’m still fit with this activity but with constant Linear Hop Agility Ladder and Lateral Hop Hurdlestraining as it will strain by back.

As I asses it, you’re legs and upper body will really drug you down doing the 10 Gladiator Combo followed by 20 Lockout Pull-ups. We’re making fun of our fellow bloggers (we’re really good at it) but you’ll feel the intensity and excitement of Circuit Warz by you just watching. It’s really fun!

Have a glimpse with Circuit Warz short video by clicking the facebook linke below.

Join us every weekend to have a taste of the SubicFitFest experience. Registration starts at 5PM at the FTX Gym Makati to start our journey to the Subic Fitness Festival on November. Kindly RSVP to Omar at 09175857412 or email to secure your slot. Only first 10 bloggers will be accommodated every session.

Click Image To Enlarge (More Pics To Come!)



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5 Responses to Must Join SubicFitFest Free Fitness Weekends Here In Manila!

  1. lovekosagada says:

    We’re sure this will be the biggest fitness event of the year and it’s at Subic. Thanks for posting!

  2. lovekosagada says:

    Reblogged this on Love Ko Sagada and commented:
    We’re sure this will be the biggest fitness event of the year and it’s at Subic. A great place!

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  4. metrohousesrealty says:

    Subic is a nice place. I wish have listings here but my focus is here in quezon city. You might want to check out my house for sale in quezon city premium listings.

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