My Week 2 Subicfitfest Pocket Event Experience!

Subic Fitness Festival is on the road to one of the country’s top destinations for sports, featuring free fitness weekends happening in Manila, all through-out September and October.

Last week was my second week attending series of pocket events. Friday, September 13, Pilates At Options Studio ManilaCoach Kenn Colubio from Options Studio Manila provided an intelligent and disciplined approach to fitness – Pilates! This is very beneficial on my end as I have had several surgeries. One of which is back surgery thus I have learned how to relieve stress and back pain, improve muscular balance and strength, prevent injury from bad posture or achieve a tighter waistline with better abs, with Reform Pilates™ and Suspend Pilates™. 

Coach Reijo (from FTX GYM) advised me not to put much pressure on my back like jumping but I can’t help doing some Pilates exercises where there’s jumping. It’s really fun and mind relaxing especially at the latter part where we closed our eyes and talked with Kettle Bellour bodies. It’s like talking to a friend one on one and advising to relax, pause and ponder.

The following day we were at the USPC Sports Performance Center, 6B Felipe Pike Street, Bagong Ilog, Pasig City for Kettle bell. They featured optimum core strength exercises and techniques of which we were lead by Coach Paolo. It’s another muscle rocking experience not only on the actual kettle bell exercise but the warm up itself. Whewwww! But hey I won 1 month free training! Huray!

Good thing we have some refreshments from Pump Juice Bars. They featured two samples namely Gym Time and Immunity Boost. Gym time is a combination of banana, almonds, strawberry, low fat milk, low fat vanilla yogurt, ice + protein pump. Immunity Boost on the other hand is a mixture of watermelon, strawberries, mango, tropical juice, low fat mango yogurt + immunity pump. When it comes to taste, I prefer the Immunity Boost either it would depend on what you intend to get out of this fresh juice. pump juice bars

Moving forward, the last pocket event is my favorite among the previous events and most likely any other events because this is my hobby, table tennis. We were to meet at the PSC Rizal Stadium but on my way there it was cancelled due to unfriendly weather. Hahahaha! So I ended up going back home. I can’t wait for this activity, ggggrrrrrrrr!

Join us with more upcoming subicfitfest pocket events.

Organized by F&F Events International and Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), Subic Fitness Festival, set for November 15, 16, and 17, 2013, at Subic Free Port Zone – Harbor Point, Camayan Beach and Ocean Adventure – is a gathering of 24 fitness disciplines in a grand event that offers to every Juan, Maria, Nene and Boyet, a holistic approach to fitness for a healthy and active lifestyle.

For more information about the free fitness weekends, contact Ramon Domiquil at 0915-9425926, or check out SubicFitFest on Facebook.

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About bmxclifford

I'm Pinoywanderer, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Motivator wanna be, love to ride bmx, roam around and play table tennis.
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3 Responses to My Week 2 Subicfitfest Pocket Event Experience!

  1. bmxclifford says:

    Watch out guys for more subicfitfest pocket events!

  2. metrohousesrealty says:

    I’m sure there will more fun coz I can see you’ve been enjoying participating and promoting this subicfitfest.

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