Anawangin Tour Package 2014

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2013 Data For Anawangin Guests Alone!

Anawangin Tour Package 2014

As we celebrate this upcoming Christmas and New Year. We would like to thank you guys for your continuous support with our campaign  toward VALUEable getaways.

FYI: We have more than 500 guests and groups (and counting) for this year alone (2013). Below are some relevant statistical data for the year 2013.

Over 60 huge groups conducted their team buildings from different companies and institution like IBM, Teleperformance, Accenture, Globe, Maxicare, Philippines Heart Center, Real state brokers and agents, BIR Batangas etc (espc in BPO industry).

Over 40 couples took their couple getaway ( to include honeymoon and pre nuptial).

Because of these we’re giving a Christmas And New Year GIFT with our Anawangin Tour Package 2014 at the following gifts!

BTW: Our Current promo is already low but this gift is even lower!

Promocode – 2602PXNGIN30JAN14: Php2,600.00 (good for 02px) anawangin tour package for 2d1n versus current promo of Php3,000.00 for two.

Promocode – 9904PXNGIN30JAN14: Php990.00/px for a minimum of 04px anawangin tour package for 2d1n versus current promo Php1150.00/px

Promocode – 1710VPXNGIN30JAN14: Php1,700.00/px for a minimum of 10px team building anawangin tour package for 2d1n versus current promo Php1990.00/px


  • You must present/text the desired tour package promocode otherwise the current anawangin tour package 2014 herepromo in our sulit shop will be followed. Why is this? We VALUE those who are taking time to know us leading them to this post.
  • This promocodes will end on 30 January 2014.
  • This is direct accommodation but can be converted into 06 month voucher which is ideal for guests who have target dates more than 30 Jan 2014.
  • Each quote will have designated maximum  date (and number of vouchers ) to avail the said offer/s to ensure sure slots.

Once again, Have A Merry Christmas And A Prosperous New Year!


About Lovekoanawangin

We simply started blogging anawangin after visiting it aiming to boost its tourism and other nearby sites. Then BOOM! We're now coordinating various getaways in Luzon.
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  2. bmxclifford says:

    Those who search will surely be blessed!hehehehehe

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