April 2014 Escapade at Nagsasa, Anawangin & Capones

Thank you once again Alvin for choosing us. Please send our regards to your group mates. Till Next Time!


Learn more about Anawangin below!

The Gem Of Zambales – Anawangin Cove

How To Easily Go To Anawangin Cove – Zambales

Best Time To Experience Anawangin Cove

Anawangin Group Package

Anawangin Tour Package

Nagsasa Tour


About Lovekoanawangin

We simply started blogging anawangin after visiting it aiming to boost its tourism and other nearby sites. Then BOOM! We're now coordinating various getaways in Luzon.
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2 Responses to April 2014 Escapade at Nagsasa, Anawangin & Capones

  1. lindatuazon@yahoo.com says:

    To Love Ko Anawangin ( Hundred Islands Vacation ). Our family vacation in Hundred Islands under HIMA (hundred islands motorboat association) tie up with Love Ko Anawangin management is one of the most exciting, fun-tastic and most enjoyable vacation we ever had. Our boatmen and guide are very professional , very accommodating,and very efficient.They received us with utmost respect and hospitality.All of them relates stories and information about the different Islands during the tour which made It more interesting.They help each and everyone of us board and alight from the boat as we went from island to island. Our snorkeling experience is unforgettable, incredible and exciting. The vacation house where we stayed is very clean , spacious and everything we needed was well provided.The owner of the vacation house is very accommodating and was ever ready to attend to us and provided whatever we needed. Hundred Islands is an exotic place, people are very good,very helpful. I rate Love Ko Anawangin ( Hundred Islands ) five star. I definitely go back to Hundred Islands for a family escapade and love the same guide/association tour us again. My heartfelt pasasalamat kay Clifford for accommodating us. Viva ! Mabuhay Love Ko Anawangin. You are the BEST.

    I shall return, Linda Tuazon

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