Isla de Gran Capon || Capones Island

I have been at anawangin several times and every time I intend to unwind and or personally touring a group. I would want to view the mesmerizing beauty of “Isla de Gran Capon” (called during the Spanish era) known nowadays as Capones Island.

The said island is one of the most famous islands in Luzon. It boasts of its white sand beaches conducive for overnight camping (if you’re a cowboy perse), day picnic and swimming. Even photographers and viedeographers are hitting cropped-capones.jpgthis place to conduct a pre nuptial shoot. WOW!

One will surely notice a long stair-like structure once you’re at the shore. Imagine climbing the stairs leading you to a cliff-like area and be awed of its magnificent view of the sea and the rocky cove you just came from (check out our short avp at the bottom of this post).

Love Ko Anawangin ms hearts group 31No commercial establishments can be seen on the island and the only structure there (aside from an unfinished building) is an old Spanish lighthouse (Faro de Punta Capones). Spaniards built the lighthouse back in 1890 to guide ships entering Subic Bay and warn passing ships of the dangers of rocky shores around the island. The concrete foundation of which is still intact but most of the structure shows heavy deterioration. Solar -powered lighthouse is Capones best kept secret, with its original brick house structure still in place, though ragged and neglected, but still draws a dramatic picture.  Nowadays however the solar panels are missing for some reason.

Climbing the lighthouse and reach its peak would be a challenge for some as the thick  metal stairs tent to waiver but it’s intact. Once you’re on the view deck, enjoy the entire 360 degrees view.  It’s like seeing Batanes-like view of the island and the blue sea. The majestic view  and cool sea breeze the sea will make you wonder why some people still prefer checking out other countries.


  • Be amazed in this island as part of our anawangin tour package.
  • The nearest duct area close to the lighthouse consists of huge and sharp rocks. Hence, if waves are uneasy boatmen will advise whether it’s safe or not as these rocks tend to hit bangkas causing leakage.  See second image above.

How to there

It’s the same as going to anawangin. See post below.

How to easily go to anawangin cove?




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We simply started blogging anawangin after visiting it aiming to boost its tourism and other nearby sites. Then BOOM! We're now coordinating various getaways in Luzon.
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