DealDig || Anawangin Tour Package 2016 Promo

We’re now launching our DealDig Anawangin Tour Package 2016 Promo. Huray!

This is for those who are patiently Digging Deals in our posts, promos, pages, articles, etc in this blog as well as other blogs that we’re managing thus DealDig ( Deal + Dig). Great advantage with our blog followers.anawangin tour package 2016

Basically, this promo is way lower compared with our anawangin promos over the years.

Since 2012, our normal rate for a minimum of 04px for a two day one night getaway at anawangin is Php1,500.00/px. But with this one, we’re now offering it at Php699.00/px. Seriously??? It’s a resounding, YES.

This DealDig Anawangin Tour Package 2016 Promo (promo code: DDNGIN4P99530SEP16) INCLUDES the following.

02 days and 01 night stay at anawangin cove. Round trip boat ride from Pundakit to Anawangin with life vest for every guests. Entrance and Overnight Fees of the group. Kitchen utensils rentals (kaldero, kawali, knife and sandok only). Tent rental/s. Use of waiting area (comfort rooms, shower & water source and dressing area). Use of camp site facilities (comfort room, shower and water source). Use of Table at anawangin cove. Use of Grill (bring foil for best results). Charge may apply for cottage/s.

Plus, Free 05 Gallons of Mineral drinking water and Free Capones Island hopping. WHEW!

Question is, How can you get this? Read the mechanics below.

DealDig Anawangin Tour Package 2016 Promo Mechanics.

  1. Give the PROMOCODE: DDNGIN4P99530SEP16 (otherwise other promo will be sent). This is the most important part so please give the said promocode.
  2. Upon receiving the sample quote, reply via email that it was received. anawangin tour package 2016
  3. Follow the instruction noted therein for reservation.
  4. Deposit the specified amount
  5. We’ll send a voucher via email upon confirmation of your deposit.
  6. Follow the instructions noted in our email upon sending the voucher.
  7. Easy, safe and legit. Sulit! Walang Sabit!


  • Booking is required. Click Contact Us!
  • Above promo is applicable for target dates up to 30 September 2016 only.
  • Operating hours: Monday – Saturday from 10:00am – 6:00pm (cell phone)
  • We don’t transact on Sundays’ but you can reserve a slot falling on that day.
  • Promo is for a minimum of 4px traveling together but may be purchased by 2-3px.
  • Promo is per pax regardless of age except for babies.
  • Please contact Clifford for child/baby policy.
  • Cottage is 1st come 1st serve basis and charge may apply
  • Trip schedules are based on weather conditions
  • Strictly no cancellation or amendment upon confirmation of booking
  • Strictly no refund from the above case
  • Limited promotional offer only.
  • Not valid with other offers.

About Lovekoanawangin

We simply started blogging anawangin after visiting it aiming to boost its tourism and other nearby sites. Then BOOM! We're now coordinating various getaways in Luzon.
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2 Responses to DealDig || Anawangin Tour Package 2016 Promo

  1. Remember to give the promo code of this post. See you guys on the other side.

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