How It Works For Anawangin Ensogo Inquiries Or Voucher Holders

First of all, we would like to thank you for inquiring / buying vouchers from our Tie up with Ensogo (Livingsocial).

Love Ko Anawangin booking is so simple.

1st, Contact us by sending your name, email address, number of pax and if there’s available slots on your target date wherein you’ll receive (within 24 hours or less) a sample quote and itinerary  (via email ) so you can set your expectation (inclusions, exclusions and other pertinent data).

2nd, If slots are available, BUY THE VOUCHER THE SOONEST as reservation must be at least 7 days before the target date. In case full, no need to worry as the vouchers will expire 3 months after release hence you have plenty of time to claim it.

3rd, Send us the voucher numbers and name used in purchasing. Sometimes, we require to send the redemption code ahead of time to avoid duplicate vouchers.

4th, We’ll confirm your group reservation and assign a specific resource person 3 days before your actual date. Contact your group assigned resource for confirmation of your target date and further assistance while traveling. Do call/text that said person before leaving your place/Manila so we can anticipate your group arrival.

PICK UP POINT For Anawangin Tour – At our guests waiting area at Pundakit. Normally though, the assigned resource person, personally picks up our guests at  San Antonio (P30/head one way trike free) then drop by at the market for them to buy fresh meat, fish, ingredients etc. (This will be different if you took our van service).

5th, Grab your tent and other package deals in our waiting area then ENJOY! Anawangin is all yours! Your resource person may ask you to pay the rest of the balance (if applicable) either before or after your stay.


  • REVIEW THOROUGHLY THE SENT SAMPLE QUOTE ESPC THE ITINERARY before asking questions. If there’s still need to confirm, please let us know.
  • Sometimes we allow reservation less than 7 days (subject to availability) but tents are normally charged (Php100.00/px) as we’re outsourcing it from a neighbor.
  • Cancellation or moving of the target date must be at least 3 days before the target date otherwise it will be forfeited.
  • Itinerary are amendable depending with our guests needs and circumstance.

For faster response, after commenting here, SEND A DIRECT email at using your email. Please include your contact number. We'll respond within a day. Queries on Sundays shall be addressed the following day. At least 1-2 week reservation.Thanks!

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