Team Building Potipot Tour Package With Van Service

Over 80 Groups Anawangin AUpdated: Feb 2016

Experience primitive living while having fun under the sun! Visit Potipot Island Today!

This cute island is located in Candelaria, Zamabales Philippines which is very close to the mainland allowing tourists to reach the island in just 5 minutes by boat. 

This package is for 12 persons only which is P1,900/head (promo offer is active as long as posted) which is a direct post, thus no need for promocode.

This potipot tour package  INLCUDES:

FYI: This is a direct accommodation but can be converted into 6 month expiry vouchers!

  1. All-In Van Service (Round trip from Sm North Edsa, Anex BDO – Pundakit)
  2. Change to be personally toured by Clifford/Khing/Patrick
  3. Round trip boat ride from Dawal to Potipot
  4. 2 Day and 1 Night Beach Camp Getaway at Potipot
  5. Entrance Fees
  6. Overnight fees
  7. Life Vest
  8. Free Tent rental (good for 6px)
  9. Use of camp site facilities (comfort room, shower and water pump or water source.)
  10. Free use of kitchen utensils (kaldero, kawali, sandok and knife only. stove, plates, fork etc. are not included)
  11. Grill (bring foil for best results)
  12. Free 01 Container or 05 gallons of purified drinking water potipot tour package -
  13. Free use of superkalan/gasulito
  14. FREE HIGH END Audio Video Presentation from your group images.View some of the ones we made here in our blog or click here!
  15. Head guide with SLR Camera and 4G Memory (entry level only).


  • Cooler rental with ice is Php200.00
  • Php50.00/large plastic of coal (it’s roughly a total of 5 plastics of coal)
  • This doesn’t include Flight tickets or meals.


  • Bonfire is not allowed in Potipot
  • Transferable but non-refundable
  • As part of our outreach program we would like to ask your assistance by bringing used clothes, toys, books or any other things that are still useful. Please visit our blog and look for “Help Us!” or “Donate” page. Note that we’ve been doing this even before Haiyan/Yolanda and so far we have 80% compliance/cooperation upon its launching. Take action and be part of our growing family.
  • Click here: How To Go To Potipot


Reminders about this package:

  • If your group is small do let us know we might have slots to merge yours’ with others so you ca save more!
  • Booking is required. Click Contact Us!

    reserve now for potipot tour package

    Reserve Now!

  • At least 01 week reservation otherwise charges may apply
  • Operating hours: Monday – Saturday from 10:00am – 6:00pm (cell phone)
  • We don’t transact on Sundays’ but you can reserve a slot falling on that day ahead of time
  • We may not be there on Saturday to answer landline calls
  • Minimum 12 and Maximum of 15 persons traveling together per Van
  • Cottage is 1st come 1st serve basis
  • Trip schedules are based on weather conditions
  • Strictly no cancellation or amendment upon confirmation of booking
  • Strictly no refund from the above case
  • Foreign tourists have special arrangements
  • Limited promotional offer only.
  • Not valid with other offers.
  • Please contact Clifford for child policy


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