Bolinao Getaway

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13 Responses to Bolinao Getaway

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  2. bambi nava says:

    For 3 days 2 nights apr 27 to 29 magkano ang package pwedeng pa send may kasama bang tour sa ibang tourist spots ng bolinao

  3. Rowena Cagampan says:

    Private tour in bolinao/100 islands with sidetrip on apr. 22-24. Tnx!

    • Email sent Ms Rowena. See you guys – Clifford.

      • Rowena Cagampan says:

        Gud pm…. how much po b yung package… & yung walang accomodation if ever… tnx!

      • We seldom conduct day tour at Bolinao as our minimum is at 12 or at least 10px. An email have been dispatched, we would appreciate if you could reply therein.

    • Benny says:

      we would like to try your air conditoned nipa huts for a night, how much po kung 12 pax kami? and what exactly is the name of your resort?

      • Mhaye De Leon says:

        hi sir, how much po yung nipa with aircon 10 pax po, We are going po there on last week or 1st of May..Wala po bang bed yung mga cottages?thanks

      • Hi Mhaye, Thank you for inquiring. This has been updated about 2 years ago espc in our YT account (Youtbue) that AC Nipa/s are no longer available. About beds in cottages naman po, beds are in Nipa/s. Cottages are the usual ones na may upuan at table/la mesa. Also, ours is package po with van service and tour. Hopefully we can seal a deal with you guys! – Cliffford

  4. jet salanap says:

    good day sir/ma’am, ask ko lng po sna if mron kyong 3D/2N tour package na may island hopping sa hundred islands, and kung anu p mga nka inclusives…i need po a details…thank you!…

  5. Fernando ablong says:

    Magkano po yung 15 pax

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