How to easily go to Anawangin Cove

Updated – April 2018

How To Go To Anawangin

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Anawangin Cove is located in San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines.

If you’re going to commute from Manila, here’s the info.

  1. Go to one of the Victory Liner bus stations and get yourself a ticket to either a bus going to Iba Zambales or Sta Cruz Zambales. Both trips will pass by the town of San Antonio which will consume approximately 4 hours depending in which terminal and time you left (sometimes buses can hit it at 3 hours). If you prefer to travel by car, the trip will only take around 4 hours or less via SCTex.
  2. Upon reaching San Antonio, a 10-20 minute tricycle ride is necessary to take you to Pundaquit (a.k.a Pundakit) the jump-off point to Anawangin Cove and the nearby beaches. From Pundaquit to Anawangin, you’ll need to take a breathtaking 30-45-minute boat ride ( which is part of our Anawangin tour package ) and Anawangin Cove is all yours.

anawangin tour package 2018 - fees will range from P300.00-P400.00 from Manila to San Antonio and then Php20-30 /head for tricycle ride from San Antonio to Pundakit.  Your assigned resource person may accompany you from San Antonio to Pundakit and leave the rest to our crew in your journey to the camping site (if feasible Clifford or any representative from LKA’s team will personally tour your group as you can view in our ads, blog and fb page). With our personal experience, it is advisable to leave Manila at night so it wouldn’t be hot while traveling. It’s even faster leaving at night and more efficient like what we (ConsOfSil) had.

We left around 9pm in our meeting place and were able to catch 11:00 pm scheduled trip from Monumento to Zambales (sometimes and during weekend they have 12 midnight last trip but still contact them to make sure). We arrived around 3am in San Antonio and rested in our contact person’s place till the tide is ok. Finally, we left the waiting area between 5-6 am to Anawangin Cove. The situation is timely and very efficient. Just imagine yourself having a boat ride while the sun is beginning to setting forth. You can feel the cold breeze of the wind touching your eager senses while saving in your mind those wonderful picture-perfect views on the way to the Cove. You can tell how much more we felt upon arriving. It’s really “A little heaven here on earth”.

We enjoyed the view while the sun is not too hot compared to others guests who came  around noon time while others came near midnight.  In the end though, no matter how struggling or how easy your trip maybe, we assure you that the campsite won’t fail your expectations and can offer much more.  We know that to be true and you will say that too!

Here’s the directions via private vehicle. Source: tour package -

1st, Head to NLEX. I like passing the new Mindanao Avenue route. Passing through EDSA then turning right at Balintawak is always a bottle neck because its such a narrow one lane road with all the buses.

2nd, Head to the end of NLEX past the Dao exit then head for the SCTEX.

3rd, Follow the signs to the SCTEX.

4th, Be sure to NOT to head towards Tarlac. Be sure to head towards Subic which is heading to the right.

5th, Exit at Subic. Pass through Subic and head for the gate at the extreme end of Dewey Street.

6th, Exit Subic. You should see the Olongapo Public Cemetery in front of you then Turn Left.

7th, Stay on the road. You will be passing through a number of towns on the way including; Subic Town, Castillejos, and San Marcelino. Along the way you might see some signs heading towards Iba.

8th, Upon reaching San Marcelino, at the public market you will see an intersection. Do not head straight as you will be heading towards Iba. You should turn left (landmark is 711) to San Antonio.

9th, Upon reaching San Antonio, head straight till you see the Municipal Hall and the Church. Turn LEFT at the end of the main road.

10th, Follow the signs headed to Pundaquit. The streets are parallel and perpendicular to one another so you should find the road.

Reminder: Depending on the time of day, from Subic to San Antonio, Zambales would take around 45 min to an hour.

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45 Responses to How to easily go to Anawangin Cove

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  2. Ella says:

    Id like to surprise my husband this coming weekend with a getaway to anawangin. How much do you think it would cost us to travel as partner? Can u send me the number of your contact person? Thank you do much

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  5. Ms. Ella, You and your hubby’s AVP are already done! Again, thank you for choosing us for your getaway. Here’s the link

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  7. How is the parking area there? I mean is it safe?

    • Thank you for asking. There’s a wide and safe parking area there near in our waiting area. So far we have no record of any theft or any issues. We’ve been sending guests there both with private cars and with our van services, so far so good.

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  10. Lerry says:

    This is really very helpful but I would really appreciate to discuss further the details., We are group of 15 and planning to leave Manila 8am Sunday, April 28. Here are my questions: Will it be ok to travel with that time? What are the expected expenses when we get to Iba, Zambales? Thanks

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  14. sirc says:

    This site is awesome and all the info is very helpul … my wife is coming home this june from japan and i want to surprise her with an adventure trip … pls sent me all the expense to my email … my plan is to take the bus to zambales … hoping for your quick response .. thank you

  15. clarisse says:

    hi! do you have tour packages to anawangin in july? is it still advisable to go there in july?

  16. John Lawrence Placides says:

    Good day.. Please send me quote for 2 and 4 persons. Thank you!

  17. lyda says:

    Can we rent or borrow cooking utensils in camp site of anawangin?

    • Thank you for asking Ms Lyda. There are landlords at Anawangin and they have their own utensils. Yes, you may borrow but it depends with their situation. When Clifford or anyone of our team are personally touring our guests. They do borrow especially when our bangkeros forgot to bring the utensils w/c by they way are always included in our packages.

  18. Patricia Antonio says:

    Hi thinking of going to Anawangin for a day trip only.. can you please email me a quote for two people with transportation costs already thanks!

  19. Ems says:

    Anawangin Cove, wait for us soon! ! ! 😀

  20. metrohousesrealty says:

    I’ll be happy to refer this blog with my clients. I already followed you and also book marked. You might want to check my blog about house for sale in quezon city premium listings.

  21. kat says:

    Hi! Where can we park our car there?

    • In our organization there is a huge and safe parking area in front of the “skinita” (going to our waiting area). They’re charging Php150.00/night per car. By far this is the largest known parking area in Pundakit. There are some household owners though who offers parking space.

      We would appreciate if you’ll get a voucher from our org. Please know your benefits by reading Why choose LoveKoAnwangin for your Package?

  22. mitch says:

    Hello me and my friend are planning to go there this coming march 20th my email is thanks

  23. Sam says:

    Hi can i ask if you have promo this may 2014 im planning to go to anawagin cove with 1 kid. Can you please send me quotations for 2n/3days.thank you

    • Please indicate your exact or at least tentative target date, number of pax and contact info so I can send a formal quote.

      These info are relevant on our end as we can only accommodate 300px/day at anawangin letting is strategically manage accommodations of our guests.

      Learn must know info about anawangin by clicking Anawangin Cove!

  24. Camille says:

    Hi, can you please email me a quotation for 2 pax, we’ll be bringing a car tentative date would be on May 16-17.

    Thank you

  25. Ina says:

    Hello my family is panning to visit the island on friday, march 25,2016. Would like to ask how to get to anawangin if we’ll be coming from subic olongapo. How much will we have to pay for the boat for 15 persons? And which is farther anawangin or nagsasal thank you. Hoping for an immediate response.

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