Talisayen Cove Group Tour Package With Van Service

Photo Credit: Claire Raborar

Talisayen Cove Group Tour Package With Van Service. The Island Of Silence, Talisayen Cove.

Talisayen Cove is a little farther than Anawangin cove. Team building is simply perfect as few people comes here as it’s not yet popular like anawangin and nagsasa. It’s more serene here among all other coves at zambales. So if I were you, I’d bring my group here for a day or two or even three and experience unexploited cove without disturbance from city noise and buzz even texts and calls.

Imagine you’re one of those guys in the image above! Let’s Make It Happen!

Our offer is Php1,850/head (will expire on 30 June 2015) for a minimum of 10 persons only. Should your number is lesser or higher please refer to the rates below. Rates and inclusions my vary depending on the PROMOCODE you have from our various advertisements provided that it is still active. If your group is small do let us know we might have slots to merge yours’ with others so you ca save more!

This Talisayen Cove Offer with promocode TAL10V30JUN15 INLCUDES:

FYI: This is a direct accommodation but can be converted into 6-12 month expiry vouchers!

  1. All-In Van Service (Round trip from Sm North edsa, Anex BDO – Pundakit)
  2. Round trip boat ride from Pundakit to Talisayen Cove
  3. 2 Day and 1 Night Beach Camp Getaway
  4. Entrance Fees
  5. Overnight fees
  6. Life Vest
  7. Tent rental (let us know your tent arrangement)

    Photo Credit: Jobert

    Photo Credit: Jobert

  8. Grill (bring foil for best results)
  9. 10 gallons of mineral drinking water (15 Gallons if 15 persons)
  10. Free 05 plastics of coal
  11. Free rent of cooler with ice
  12. Free 02 bond of wood for bonfire
  13. Free use of waiting area (comfort rooms, shower and water source and dressing area)
  14. Free use of camp site facilities (comfort room, shower and water source)
  15. Free use of kitchen utensils (kaldero, kawali, sandok and knife only)
  16. Free 01 children to bring with (below 11 years old)
  17. FREE HIGH END Audio Video Presentation from your group images. View some of the ones we made by clicking the next phrase, anawangin tour package. We are the only one who offers this!
  18. Head guide with SLR Camera and 4G Memory (entry level only).
  1. This doesn’t include Flight tickets or meals. We can get a Cook service (rough estimate is P500-P800/group) but it’s between you and the cook. Click the next phrase to understand why is this so, TOP Reasons Why It’s BEST TO COOK FOR YOUR OWN At Anawangin Cove!


  • Php75/pc rental of hummock/duyan
  • No signal and electricity.
  • Hiking is strictly prohibited at Talisayen Cove

Photo Credit: Claire Raborar

Reminders about this package: 

  • If your group is small do let us know we might have slots to merge yours’ with others so you ca save more! 
  • Please give the PROMOCODE if you have one otherwise current promo will be quoted.
  • Booking is required. Click Contact Us!
  • At least 01 week reservation otherwise charges may apply
  • Operating hours: Monday – Saturday from 10:00am – 6:00pm (cell phone)
  • We don’t transact on Sundays’ but you can reserve a slot falling on that day ahead of time
  • We may not be there on Saturday to answer landline calls
  • Minimum 10 and Maximum of 15 persons traveling together per Van
  • Cottage is 1st come 1st serve basis
  • Trip schedules are based on weather conditions
  • Strictly no cancellation or amendment upon confirmation of booking
  • Strictly no refund from the above case
  • Foreign tourists have special arrangements
  • Limited promotional offer only.
  • Not valid with other offers.
  • Please contact Clifford for child policy

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