TOP Reasons Why It’s BEST TO COOK FOR YOUR OWN At Anawangin Cove!

In today’s world, some may agree that it’s no longer conducive to put on an apron at home or when having an outing. Today though, we shall discuss TOP reasons why we have to.

But before which may we remind everyone that Anawangin cove is a camping site. It’s our vision for every Filipino to experience its beauty with our tour package while learning some basic survival stuff like tent building and even cooking. Without further adieu here are the top lists.

1st, “You Know What is in Your Food”: When you make your own meals, you are in control.tour package - You know exactly what you are putting in, and where it came from especially if you’re the one who did the marketing. It is also a good way to keep track of actual calories, in contrast to speculating when you buy a prepared meal from a restaurant or provider. And I think this 1st reason is a huge concern leading fast food chains to develop their business by placing glass screens so costumers can see the actual cooking procedure. “Mas masarap kumain kung alam mo kung ano ang ihihain.”

2nd, Instant Gratification: If you’ve ever grilled a fish or meat or made a quick meal, you know this feeling. It may end up having a different taste as expected or a disaster at times (hahaha) but as long as there is full hearted effort, there’s always this sense of pride.“Ako nagluto eh.”

3rd, Healthy and Satisfying meals: Personally speaking, I feel good and better if I’m eating the food that I cooked or at least I’ve seen the one who cooked it. Preparing your own food puts you in a better mindset with regard to eating. And it’s a lot easier to turn down something that you know is bad for you if you know you’ll be having a nice cooked meal in a couple of hours. “Mas malinamnam at masarap paring kumain pag ikaw ang naghain.”

4th, Save Money and or More Ingredients: If you like to eat out because you are trying to save time, try adding up your food receipts. A lot of times, we don’t realize that we actually spend more money eating out than dining in. Good thing about cooking for our own aside from saving money is that we can use the saved funds to add more ingredients as opposed to a packaged meal where most of the times has lesser ingredients (tinipid kung baga). “Mas masarap tsumibog sa di tinipid na pagkain.”

5th, Bonding with Friends: Some may think that they have more relaxing time or worry free if it’s the the other way around but in reality we get more if we do so. Invite a friend to come over and cook with you! If you have a busy schedule it is a great way to integrate a little friend time and some food time. It’s nice to be in the kitchen cooking up something fun and enjoying time with a friend after work. “Masarap maki bonding habang nagluluto at naghahain.”

We often talk about not having enough hours in the day and may excuse a true relaxation of having someone cooked for us or get an anawangin tour package with meals. Yes, it is time-consuming to be in the kitchen sometimes. But spending a little time and focused energy may just be the medicine we need.

FYI: You can buy raw ingredients, fish, meat etc at San Antonio Wet Market. We usually bring our guests here (since it’s near from the bus drop off) before going to Pundakit.

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4 Responses to TOP Reasons Why It’s BEST TO COOK FOR YOUR OWN At Anawangin Cove!

  1. metrohousesrealty says:

    Whenever I can cook for my kids, I’ll do it. And they love it more than fast food stuff!

  2. Lester says:

    I like looking through an article that will make people think.

  3. bmxclifford says:

    Thank you guys for commenting. Please check out our endorsed tour packages by clicking the following phrases like anawangin tour package, nagsasa tour package, hundred islands tour package and sagada tour package.

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