Updated Feb 2017

These are some frequently asked questions of which we shall update more.

What is the time frame for cancellation/amendment of bookings?
For direct reservations w/o van service it must be 2 weeks prior to target date otherwise 1 week will do. For those who came from group buying site/s, it must be 2 weeks before the date otherwise vouchers will be forfeited.

How often can I move the target date?
As long as it’s within the time frame for cancellation/amendments noted above and within the validity of the voucher which is normally 6 months.

Where is the meeting place (w/o van service)?
For Anawangin: We have a waiting area at Pundakit Shore. If however the specific resource person is available upon your arrival at San Antonio. Then he will personally pick you up guys at San Antonio (P30/head trike fee going to Pundakit).
For Hundred Islands: We normally ask our friends/relatives to pick our guests at Alaminos Victory Liner Bus Station or near stations.

Where is the meeting place (with van service)?
Depending from the agreement, we may pick up guests at their home/office and or normally at known landmarks. We sometimes pick up guests at MOA, SM North BDO, Quezon Avenue Centries and other landmarks.

What is the ideal reservation date or span before the target date?
It should be 1 month or higher for smooth transactions.

Organization or Company?
Clifford already closed Escapezone Travel and Tours as of May 2016 (videos of its documents including BIR receipts may still reflect in our youtube channel and other social media accounts). Thus we are now back in collaborating as a group of bloggers acting as middlemen. Quotes are properly noted.

Voucher = Receipt?
Speaking of voucher/s, please present it to your assigned group resource person. Should you wish to have an official receipt please email us or send us a message so we can ask our providers to send you one. Please be advised however that the whole amount may not reflect thereon.

What’s the best bus company to ride in?
We prefer Victory liner. Their schedule and contact information are included in our itinerary file.

How many hours is the travel time (Manila – Pundakit)?
Roughly 3-4 hours from Manila depending on which terminal you take.

What is the best time to leave?
Leave Manila around 11pm or early morning so that you’ll arrive sunrise or before noon. Sear current are normally calm between 5-7am.

Can we choose to pay directly there?
There are situations where we agree for a direct payment but a minimal fee will be added to cover the fees for transferring the fund.

Why are we not providing food in our packages?
Our mission and vision is to help you guys enjoy your stay while learning actual basic camping skills like cooking. Thus it’s learning while having fun. Click, TOP Reasons Why It’s BEST TO COOK FOR YOUR OWN At Anawangin Cove!

Is there a market at San Antonio?
The public market (San Antonio Wet Market) is not actually located in Pundaquit, rather it’s right beside the municipal hall of San Antonio, which is the last town before you reach your destination.

Are price in the market lower?
The public market’s fresh fish comes from nearby fishing villages and are delivered as early as 6AM. Fish is cheaper here compared to Manila. Yellowfin Tuna meat can go as low as P120 per kilo (great for kilawin and sashimi) during the seasonal catch. Juvenile and other tuna species such as Skipjacks, Bonito and Yellowfin can go as low as P70 per kilo. Dorados, Snappers, Groupers, Shrimps and Squid are frequently available most especially in the morning.

Why are we not including Nagsasa Tour Guide?
At times there is no water in the falls and weather condition may not be feasible, unlike in anawangin. Hence, upon arrival at Nagsasa and everything is good to go then just ask the help of tour guide. Ask Kuya Joven ahead of time in case you will need a tourguide

Is there a need for tour guide in Anawangin?
There was back in a day where Anawangin is not that organized. Also there has been a concern with regard to the hiking area. Which we have decided to take out our tour guide to avoid disputations. The owners (katutubo) in which we are loyal sending guests with, shall watch for your safety. They will show the direction to the hiking area and may assist along the way but they are not tour guides.

Do we give discounts for second timers or referrals?
Yes we do. Each group has their own unique promocode. Just give that code so you or your friend can avail up to 30% off from our normal rates depending on current market trend.

What will happen to our email address?
You email address is safe with us. Please be advised though that we reserved the right to automatically subscribe your email address to our blog and other related blogs. Should you wish to unsubscribe please follow the link noted therein.

What is the best process for us to have our AVP?
Like our FB page so we can easily befriend with you guys so that we can copy the picture or set of pictures you wanted to include. We shall immediately notify you upon completing your AVP.

Can we downdload our AVP?
Yes. You can downdload it in our youtube channel.

What will happen to those AVP’s?
Love Ko Anawangin reserves the right to retain those files and be part of our video collections. 

What will happen to our pictures?
As noted above, Love Ko Anawangin reserves the right to use guests pictures and or videos for AVP purposes.Which will be part of our Video/AVP collection. Hence we also reserve the right to use our guests pictures/videos for public awareness of our packages or nature of our business. We may use guests taken pictures for marketing purposes as well. We shall place watermarks on those pictures to avoid “copycats”.

What if we fail to send pictures/videos for the AVP?
You can only avail this free service within 2 months after you stay. If after 2 months and still no data has been received or granted access with, shall forfeit this feature.

For faster response, after commenting here, SEND A DIRECT email at lovekoanawangin@gmail.com using your email. Please include your contact number. We'll respond within a day. Queries on Sundays shall be addressed the following day. At least 1-2 week reservation.Thanks!

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