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Love Ko Anawangin: Sulit Walang Sabit!

Brief History (Updated: 1 May 2016)

We simply started blogging anawangin after visiting it aiming to boost its tourism and other nearby sites. Above all,  to educate and or promote fair pay for the boatmen as sulutan is rampant (We wrote “Sulutan Sa San Antonio, A Bad Habbit!” about it). Eventually decided to offer tour packages where rest assured fair pay is achieved. Then BOOM! So we end up  anawangin tour package - lovekoanawangin.wordpress.comregistering and now legally transacting under EscapeZone Travel & Tours, DTI No. 03183220.

Since then, we’ve created a huge number of friends and contacted relatives (near the sites) expanding our coverage. and Love Ko Anawangin became a trademark. We now ESPECIALIZE not only anawangin tour but other zambales sites such as Nagsasa Cove and Potipot Island. We’ve expanded and now expert in BolinaoCaramoanHundred Islands, Sagada TourBaler and Ilocos Tour Package.

Check out our home based office and our legal documents below.

More Info About Us

Anawangin cove is in the town of San Antonio in Zambales. It is a crescent shaped cove famous for the lush pine forest surrounding its white-sand beach and crystal clear waters. A beautiful place with rugged mountains adds to the mystic landscape of Anawangin Cove giving it a picturesque and poster-perfect view especially when the sunset is giving-off an orange glow that reflects to the mountain curves.

Behind the forest is a small stream that flows out to the sea (During summer this stream dries up into a shallow pond). Two beach cliffs are bounding the beach, which you can hike up and enjoy the view. A sure perfect location if you just want to get close to the nature or just need a quiet place to unwind and relax.

anawangin tour package - lovekoanawangin.wordpress.comIt is magnificently lined with pine trees on its shore which gives it a different impression compared to the other tropical beach resorts in the country which are mostly lined with coconut trees. The sand is white and soft with a mixture of volcanic ashes from the last eruption of Mt. Pinatubo.  Affirming what the elders has been stating that back then there were no white sands only after the eruption. You will surely love this camping site as much as we did.

We were camping at this site when Clifford have the idea to share it (since he’s a blogger). But behind this magnificent view are concerns with the bangkeros/boatmen rate. Sadly, mandated/agreed rate is not followed and it’s a long story. Some does and some doesn’t. We even wrote “Sulutan Sa San Antonio, A Bad Habbit!” for social awareness in our quest to create decent jobs for them. In effect not all kids have nice shirts, toys, and some are not even attending school. Ironically, while guests are having fun some aren’t.

In this regard, we created Love Ko Anawangin to Organize and share the breath taking experience at the so called precious gem of San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines. At the same time create or pay our dear bangkeros/boatmen accordingly and  at times even more by offering various tour packages. Hence, from blogging (which has less impact in reaching our vision) we now offer tour packages where rest assured we compensate anyone involved sufficiently, transacting legally under EscapeZone Travel & Tours, DTI No. 03183220 in our home based office at Don Antonio Heights,Quezon City.

We’re also encouraging our guests to share their unused clothing, toys, books, etc as a form of our outreach program for the poor and the needy primarily at Pundakit. Learn more by clicking, Help Us! Note that we’ve been doing this even before Haiyan/Yolanda.

clifford at anawangin cove - lovekoanawangin.wordpress.comHeaded by Clifford  and his wife Verna and their respective teams (Patrick, Khing, Emon, Loui, Jap & Carlo), WE ESPECIALIZE not only anawangin but other zambales sites such as Nagsasa Cove and Potipot Island. Now expert in Bolinao, CaramoanHundred Islands and Sagada Tour, Ilocos & Baler. Recently added Calaguas, which you will surely enjoy; you and your partner, your family, friends, organizations, co-workers and so on and so forth.

We have great deals from direct accommodation, with van service to vouchers.

Love Ko Anawangin is dedicated to serve the best possible tour packages where we specialize while preserving mother earth. We want you to enjoy the beauty of Anawangin and other sites while we keep you safe and at the same time learn basic camping skills like tent building even cooking. And put smile on your faces and say “Love Ko Anawangin!”

Join our growing community with purpose, order, values and meaning! Contact Us Now!

6 Responses to About Us

  1. Jen says:

    Hi! We are planning to have a baguio and hundred island tour this april (preferably, 1st or 2nd week), do you have package good for 8-10 pax? If possible, since we are traveling with a senior citizen companion, if there’s a nearby hotel at hundred islands where we can spend the night. Thanks!

  2. Jobel pagaling says:

    Can you give me phone number so that i ca inquire thru fon.thanks

  3. joan maravillas says:

    hi! can you give me quotations for Anawangin tour 3d/2n on march 25 to 27, 2016.
    No. of pax not yet sure but pls give us options.

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