What to do in Anawangin Cove

Updated – July 2016

They say Anawangin is Boracay’s exact opposite in terms of development, but that anawangin tour package - lovekoanawangin.wordpress.com/anawangin-tour-package-with-van-servicedoesn’t mean you’ll run out of stuff to do during your stay. Here are some suggested activities you can maximize with aside from lying in a hammock by the beach and taking pictures:

Camping / Bonfire – it is the primary activity you can do in Anawangin Cove since it is not urbanized. You can gather fallen twigs and light up a fire for warmth during the night or buy one there. In our case we have brought a good number of fine woods so we can experience cooking without gas. Unfortunately it wasn’t sufficient for bonfire. Remember that there’s no available electricity at the camping site but there’s already water source only for comfort room use and cooking. Bring a guitar so you can sing around the campfire. Just don’t forget to put it out when going to sleep. It would be a great experince for family and other bonding activities. You may check an anawangin package here.

Trekking –Anawangins’ lush forest of is a perfect location for trekking adventure. Behind the evergreen forest is a stream (a dry riverbed in the summer) leading to a large hill. You can trek your way to this hill, just be cautious since there were reports that there are wild animals in this area said to inhabit the spot.

anawangin tour package - lovekoanawangin.wordpress.com/anawangin-tour-package-with-van-service

Image: Courtesy from one of our guests.

Rock Climbing – The beach is bound by two cliffs in the north and south of the cove. The southern part is the most advisable for climbing. You can get a great view of the beach at sunset but remember to bring flashlights so you could see your way down. And as we have noted before there’s no electricity there. So make sure you battery is in full charge and bring extra.

Skimboarding- You could bring your skimboard to practice your moves. The beach is great for this activity since it has fine sand and few rocks.

Ultimate Frisbee – the wide sand beach as well as the camping sites is good for ultimate Frisbee. Have your group plays with you or better yet, invite other campers to join your group and try this fun sport. It’s nice to play as well at the camping site since the trees are natural obstacle for this game but please be cautious with other campers.

Island hopping – you can explore the whole cove and the nearby islands thru boating. If your package doesn’t cover hopping to multiple island, kindly ask the boat men and pay as agreed but if it’s your lucky day then it’s free. There’s nothing wrong in trying. You can arrange sidetrips with your boatman if you want to go island hopping. Nearby are Capones and Camara Islands. Camara Island is a rock climbing destination while Capones Island is known for its centuries-old Spanish lighthouse.

No matter what you do in this wonderful place, we know you and your friends will surely love it as much as we did. Remember not to spoil the place for the benefit of our future generations.

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We simply started blogging anawangin after visiting it aiming to boost its tourism and other nearby sites. Then BOOM! We're now coordinating various getaways in Luzon.
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